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On Consciously Trying to Trim the Fat

I will never be – and have never desired to be – petite or skinny. I like having curves, I like being tall and strong. I like being able to see over the heads of a majority of the female population, and not feeling dwarfed by guys. I have a typically ‘Dutch’ physique – tall and muscular – thanks to… Read more →

On the Concept of a ‘Real Ideal Day’

“How we spend our days is how we spend our lives” ~ Annie Dillard How often do you contemplate the day as a whole entity? We often think about the ‘work day’ or the morning or the evening – compartmentalising and planning activities that will fit into these arbitrary time-frames. But what if we were to pull back slightly and… Read more →

Why I Love Fasting

A few months back, I saw the documentary Eat, Fast, Live Longer. That night, Nick and I talked about the findings shared in the documentary, and decided to give it a go. Funnily enough, the same night, my parents also made the same decision, although from a rather different perspective. Nick and I were at reasonably healthy weights when we… Read more →

Runners – help! How do I prevent a stitch?

So, I have this problem. It doesn’t happen when I swim, or when I cycle – only when I run. I’ll be doing fine, running along at an easy pace. My breath will be through my nose, both in and out. I’ll be breathing around 3-4 step pace. And then. Around the second km… I get a stitch. Almost without… Read more →