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surya-namaskar{image from Geeta Yoga}

My Challenge for February rose out of my long-held desire to have a regular yoga practice. I love yoga, but I currently only do it intermittently.

I love the idea of a daily practice, but I’m daunted and somewhat overwhelmed by all the options out there – choice paralysis as to the routines I might do – plus all the other exercise I’m doing means I don’t currently want to devote heaps of time to daily yoga.

I decided that the best way to overcome this was to commit to something super-short and easy – I can do a sun salutation without any conscious thought, and I can get six rounds done in the time it takes my morning pot of coffee to percolate.

I decided on six, also, because I’m a word nerd and the alliteration flips my switch 😉

Why ‘before work’ rather than ‘when I wake up’?

First – I don’t wake up the same time every day. A few days a week I get up super-early to go swimming, and there is NO way I’m dragging myself out of bed even earlier to do anything else beforehand. I literally wake up, haul my togs on in a daze, and head out the door. Also, some days I like to linger in bed with coffee and the news on my phone, and I didn’t want to give that up completely.

However – by doing this before I start work, it gives my body a chance to get properly woken up; my mind a chance to centre and focus before I get caught up in the stresses and chattering thoughts of my work day; and my soul a moment of quiet before I jump into the fray. I toyed with the idea of tacking 5-10 minutes of meditation onto the end in Savasana, however I squashed that – I want to keep this as simple as possible. Days I feel like doing that, I will, days I don’t I won’t and won’t therefore feel like I’m cheating on my challenge.

The sun salutation is a gorgeous set of movements that I’ve always enjoyed. It has the added benefit of including the back-bend that I need to do daily to keep my twitchy lower back behaving itself. A win all-round, really.

So far, I’ve done this for the first two days of the month, so I’ll stick with it and report back on my progress.

If you have a daily yoga practice, I’d love to hear how it evolved, and how you structure/manage it.