Week 2 of my #cooking193 journey, where I’m planning on making the National Dish of every country in the world – and today we visit Albania!

I made 2 Albanian dishes, using recipes by @myalbanianfood – Tavë Kosi & Fergese.

The Tavë Kosi is a lamb, rice & yoghurt dish

The Fergese is vege, with red capsicum, diced tomato, onion, basil & feta.

They were both delicious – I loved the souffle-style topping on the TK, and the Fergese would make a great topping on crusty bread (one serving suggestion).

There are a number of ‘national dishes’ in Albania, partially, I think, because there are apparently 3 distinct culinary regions.

I chose these 2 as TK always came up, and I figured Fergese would work well (and give a more balanced meal) alongside.

Next week, our culinary journey takes us to Algeria!

I’m planning on making a new dish pretty much every week, and I’ll be sharing them here.

~ Jess