So, last week saw the launch of my new jewellery range, Vintette.

I utilised a number of avenues to get the word out, as well as offering daily specials over 4 days.

I spread the word on:

  • my blogs
  • twitter
  • multiple facebook pages
  • through forums that I am active on
  • through a newsletter
  • flickr

The specials I offered were:

  • a free gift
  • a 25% discount
  • a buy 2-get 1 free
  • win a $30 voucher by purchasing today

So, what’s the verdict?

Before my official launch I had already sold 4 pieces to twitter friends by just mentioning that I was setting up the shop.

So, excluding those initial pre-launch sales, I have sold 24 pieces of jewellery online from Tuesday last week to Wednesday this week (today), across 2 venues.

Today I had a bit of a boost, as I was featured in the newsletter of one of my 2 selling venues (, which has netted me 6 sales there today so far.

I have also made a wholesale sale of almost $200. This was through a stockist finding me on Etsy.

Overall, I am quite pleased with the results of this launch – because it has had the desired effect – it has kick-started sales and gotten my new venture off to a positive start.

Out of the specials I offered, I have to say that the 25% off and the free gift garnered the most interest.

If you’ve got any more questions for me about how I put this launch together, please just ask in the comments!