polar opposites.

Most of the time, working for myself at a business I love is the best thing ever.


Sometimes, it gets tricky.

It gets tricky to switch off.

And the longer I do this, the harder and harder it is to relax. In fact, last night I said to Nick ‘I think I’ve forgotten how to relax’. His response?

‘Yep, I think you have.’

This is the peril you face when your play becomes your work, and your work is play.

Even when I want to relax… I can’t quite seem to manage it. I can’t just watch TV – I need to be on my laptop. I can’t just crochet, I need to be listening to something – perhaps a video or podcast.

The only activity that I still have that completely absorbs me away from my own world is reading.

I have always been able to lose myself in a good novel, and thankfully, I still can. My problem comes when I either finish a book too fast (I’ve often read a whole novel in one evening – yep, I’m a fast reader) or when I get absorbed into a long series, and I cannot do anything else until I’ve finished it.

Hence, I’m pretty careful about what and when I read!

I’m not quite sure what the solution to this is. Do I try to start a new hobby? Do I just set aside an evening each week to read a novel and get lost in that world? Do I take up regular meditation?

It’s an important issue to address, because when I’m working all the time, the quality of my work suffers.

Humans need periods of rest to allow our brains to switch track – to rejuvinate, and to allow new ideas to form.

So – how do you switch off and relax? What works for you?

{Image by batakbeatrix on flickr}