How do you learn best? And who do you learn from?

I personally learn best by talking with, reading about, and getting inside the heads of those who’ve gone before me – and those who are building their creative businesses alongside me.

In education there is this concept called your ‘zone of proximal development’ (you know I used to be a teacher, right?). Basically, depending on where you are on your journey, you’ve got a certain ‘zone’ within which you can grow. One of the best ways of learning within this zone is from those who are *just* a little bit further ahead in the same field as you – because they show you what is possible, and they’re not so far ahead that you think theirlevel of success is beyond you.

That is why I joined The Creative Empire. A forum and creative business community started by two of the people I constantly learn from – Tara Gentile (of Scoutie Girl) and Megan Auman (of Crafting an MBA). These women are some of my major role models – smart, driven, and creative.

So when they said they were launching a community for those who wanted to grow their creative empire and embrace the idea of making a profit from our passion, I was all over it!

I absolutely adore being a part of this community. It’s full of talented, creative business people from all sorts of industries. The two things we all have in common are that we love what we create, and we’re damn serious about making a profitable business out of it.

If you’re on the lookout for a community like this, I highly recommend joining up, at least to give it a go. It is a paid membership – just $25 a month – which I think is a bargain for the access it gives me to not only Tara and Megan, but all the other wonderful men and women who I’ve met there!

Go check it out over here.