1918 Liberty Weekly Income Record and Income Tax Record 01

These days, I am lucky enough to have a bookkeeper (a.k.a. Nick, my husband) to do the increasingly voluminous finance data entry that comes along with a growing business.

He is usually spot-on, doing it every day – but this weekend he was away, and has to catch up. And you know what?

I’m feeling twitchy!

Every night when he does the numbers he’ll update me on the current totals. Money-in, money-out.

I love this.

I love knowing what’s happening with my cashflow. I love knowing if I’m hitting goals, I love seeing the $$ tick over, and I love the feeling when I reach a new income milestone (as I did last month).

I also love being in control, and knowing what’s happening with my business expenses and income is really important to me – it helps me stay on top of whether I need to be promoting more, whether I’m spending too much on supplies or ads, and whether this is all worth it, (financially, of course).

Do you feel this way about your business numbers? Or do you neglect them, or even ignore them?

Is keeping track of your finances an important part of your business?

Because, to be honest, if it’s not, then I would question if you’re really running a business.

Keeping track of this stuff – regularly, not just when tax time rolls around – is vital to knowing how you are going, and if you’re going in the right direction. I know most of us with a crafty biz are in this for the passion and love of it – but passion and love won’t pay your bills or feed you (or pay for holidays, hey, lets aim high!).

So – do you need to pay more attention to the numbers?

{Image by Le Petit Poulailler}