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The best way to become successful is to learn from those who are successful.

You’re ready to turn your creative passion into a business and start selling on Etsy.  But with so much conflicting advice out there, how do you know what really works?  Simple: ask the sellers who are doing it right.

When I reopened my Etsy shop in March 2010, I made the commitment to become a success.  I’d tried selling on Etsy before, and my sales were slow – but I was sure there was a secret that I was missing.  So I went to the source for answers.  I decided to seek out the knowledge of sellers whose sales numbered in the thousands.

That’s right, thousands of sales – and even tens of thousands.

And guess what?  After implementing the strategies of these top sellers, my humble little jewellery shop began to see sale after sale.  Within six months, I had sold over 220 pieces of jewellery on Etsy alone (and it is notoriously difficult to sell jewellery on Etsy!).


Are you ready to be the next Etsy Success Story?  Then learn from those who have done it.

The Etsy Success Stories E-book contains all of the interviews with top sellers that have helped me grow my sales.  Not only that, but I’ve also organized their expertise into topics to answer the questions that you need to know to take your online craft business to the next level.

By analysing what has worked – and what hasn’t worked – for these incredibly successful Etsy sellers, I’ve created real strategies for you to:

  • Build the Best Foundation for your Etsy business to increase your sales now and see your business grow faster over time.
  • Stop losing time and money making the same common mistakes – learn from those who are doing it right instead.
  • Learn the Most Important Thing that will determine whether your creative business succeeds or fails – and it has nothing to do with business!
  • Avoid under-pricing your products and over-spending on advertising using practical formulas that you can apply to any product.
  • Learn what all sellers agree you must do NOW before spending another cent on listing, advertising, promoting or materials that will set your Etsy shop up for success, no matter what you’re selling.


If you’re just starting out on Etsy, or looking to get serious about making it your full-time business, then this is the book for you.

In the book, the seven successful full-time Etsy sellers answer the questions that you want to know about, including:

  • How do you promote your Etsy shop? What has/has not worked for you?
  • Is paid advertising worth it? How do you choose your target market?
  • How do you stay motivated?
  • What’s your No 1 Customer Service tip?
  • Does renewing work?
  • Do you recommend selling a diversity of products, or sticking to a more definite niche?
  • What do you believe has been your ‘key to success’ on Etsy?
  • And many, many more.


By implementing the knowledge of these successful Etsy sellers, you can rapidly increase your sales and grow your Etsy business starting immediately.  I’ve organized the book into two sections for easy navigation:

Over 50 pages of information, advice, and concrete exercises to help you grow your Etsy business.

Part 1 contains my analysis of the interviews, broken down into easy-to-navigate sections, and in which I share my own experiences as well. It also contains:

  • A big list of really useful posts on the Etsy forums
  • Formulas to help you calculate product prices and your advertising budget
  • One clever tool to check if your product photos are up to scratch
  • Lessons I’ve learnt from my own personal experience of selling on Etsy (but I’m not quite an expert yet – that’s why Part 2 is the real gold in this book!).


Part 2 contains all of the interviews, in full!
The Etsy sellers kind enough to share their knowledge for this book are:

  • Larimeloom (2094 sales)
  • Home Studio (19 966 sales)
  • Ling Glass (5917 sales)
  • The All Natural Face (13 347 sales)
  • Unique Dichroic (2001 sales)
  • MK Beads (71 060 sales)
  • Bijoutiful (2361 sales)


What people are saying…

“What I can say is that If I had this ebook when I started with my first etsy experience, I would not have lost all that time (and money) and I would not  have made all those mistakes.

I would have started with good foundation and seen my business grow over time.

For who already own a store, I absolutely found it a resource with CONCRETE tips and suggestions to work on to boost our sales and success with a professional approach.” – Irene, Imaginative Bloom.

For any small, indie business, this e-book is a good investment, whether you are starting out, or have been going for a while and chasing that elusive “success”. This is a reference to get you going and then to refer to back to when time get tough ~ print it out, mark it up with a highlighter, write some notes. In fact,  I do hope Jess does some sort of follow-up down the track. – Kellie, 74 Lime Lane

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Want to know more about what’s inside? Have a look at the contents:

Introduction – The Most Important Thing

Part 1

Shop Preparation and Presentation

Price Points & Pricing
To Niche or Not to Niche
Customer Service

Promotion and Advertising

Renewing & Listing
Paid Advertising
Non-Paid Advertising
Setting An Ad Budget
Motivation & Goal Setting – Words of Encouragement!
List of Helpful Etsy Forum Threads

Part 2


Home Studio
The All Natural Face
Unique Dichroic
MK Beads
Ling Glass

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Please remember – this e-book is a tool for you to use – I cannot and do not guarantee the results you see from following the advice given within will be the same as mine or others. Only you have the power to make your business a success. Any and all liability is limited to the purchase price of this ebook. This e-book is not affiliated with Etsy Pty. Ltd.

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