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{Edit: I’ve named this Experiment #0 because I did this whole journey before I started formal Experiments here on the site, but it’s really what kicked the whole thing off!}

My husband Nick has been suffering from chronic headaches for many many months now. The doctor doesn’t know what’s causing it (surprise surprise) – brain scans are all clear, and preventative medication doesn’t seem to be working.

He’s trying physiotherapy in case it’s a muscle issue – but we’ve also decided to take another approach – a radical change in diet.

We eat reasonably healthy already – limited fast food/junk food/soft drink – but we do drink a LOT of tea and indulge in sweet treats more than we probably should.

So. I was on a Skype chat with my friend Elle and the other ladies in our weekly entrepreneur group when Elle mentioned that she’d been suffering from daily headaches. The cure? Switching to a mostly Paleo diet.

She said that not only had her headaches all but disappeared, but that her energy levels were way up.

After the call I grabbed Nick and told him the story – and he agreed that we should give Paleo a go for 30 days to see what affect it has on his headaches, and our health in general. I’ve been bugging him for ages to keep a food journal to try and work out what the diet triggers were for his headaches, but this elimination method will probably be easier.

Neither of us are much for ‘dieting’ – we try to eat healthy and in moderation – but the thing I love about the Paleo way of eating is that it’s pretty much what we already do eat (high-protein, low carb and lots of veggies) but taken to the extreme, I guess you could say. No cheating by having treats every day or two!

We’re going to start on Monday the 25th of June (2012), giving ourselves a few days to clean out the pantry and fridge, as well as get our head around the recipes and food we’re going to be eating. It also gives us the chance to stock up on good fresh food at the Farmer’s Market on Sunday morning.

I think the thing we’ll struggle most with is giving up tea. Nick is English, and sometimes I swear that if you cut him, he’d bleed English Breakfast.

We drink a LOT of tea, and it’s a big part of the ritual of our day, so that is going to be a mental struggle. I’ve bought some herbal teas so we at least have SOMETHING we can drink in bed together in the morning, but it will take some getting used to. I’m also going to miss my regular glass of wine in the evening.

Of course, depending on the version of Paleo you follow, both tea and alcohol are sometimes okay in moderation, but we want to go all-out and eliminate them completely so we can add things back slowly after the 30 days in an attempt to work out what is causing his headaches.

My plan is to update this post every day or so, tracking how the change is going – both as a record for us, and to hopefully educate others out there who are keen to try the same thing.

So, our goals are:

Nick – get rid of headaches, and perhaps drop a little body fat

Jess – drop some body fat and increase energy

Stay tuned for updates! I’ll be using the hashtag #30daysofpaleo on twitter.

Scroll to the bottom for a constantly-updated list of useful Paleo links.

T-Minus 2 Days

Today we cleaned out the pantry. This is what it looks like now…

Yes. Just the one shelf. That’s IT.

And this is all the food we took out of it – not including what we threw away!

We’ve also been experimenting with making sweet potato chips in our dehydrator…

We are also indulging in some foods we won’t get during #30daysofpaleo – like sweetened tea, cookies, bread, baked beans…

T-Minus 1 Day

Spent an OBSCENE amount on meat today – holy heck, I don’t think either of us have ever eaten this much meat in a week before in our lives!

Also had sore arms from carrying our bounty of veg from the Farmer’s Market. Everything is sorted and ready for our start tomorrow.

We’re using this menu (with a few tweaks) for our first week on the Paleo diet (and which, SORRY, I’ve already managed to forget the source of. If you know, please tell me!)

Indulging in things like home-made spaghetti, sticky-date pudding, ice-cream and croissants today. None of which we actually eat on a regular basis… but honestly? Now that I’m actually paying attention to my body, I realised how bloated and yuck I felt after that meal. Interesting.

Also committed to 2 ‘play’ exercise activities per week together. I’m currently training to run my first ever 10k, but Nick is not a runner. So, we’ve decided to go kayaking together once a week (his sport of choice), and cycling together once a week. We’ve locked in set times (I have them set on repeat on my Google Calendar) because being self-employed, I’m always busy, and have to MAKE myself take time-out from work.

Just had my last cup of honey-sweetened tea. Sigh. I shall miss you, sweet nectar!

Day 1

Today saw us starting off with a cup of cinnamon and apple herbal tea. Not *completely* gross, but nothing like the normal sweet milky tea I’m used to.

Our breakfast was poached eggs with homemade salsa (recipe based on the one in Loren Cordain’s book The Paleo Diet), followed by a few macadamia nuts and stawberries.

I felt pretty sleepy throughout the day – in fact, I had a nap in the early afternoon. The fact that it was a cold, overcast day didn’t help with wanting to get out of bed. Days like this I am SO freaking thankful I work from home!

Lunch was a delicious chicken fajita salad – seriously, it was way tastier than I expected, considering there was no salt added to the dish. We had some home-made guacamole on that, too.

Oh guacamole, how I love thee… anything involving avocados is a win in my book, and I couldn’t be happier that they are pretty much required eating.

I started to develop a mild headache mid-afternoon, and of course Nick had one all day, but that’s nothing unusual. Definitely took it easy today, I was offline most of the day, which is super-unusual for me.

Oh, we also took ‘before’ photos, but I was instructed that they were not for internet sharing purposes ;D

Finally, dinner was a DELICIOUS salmon steak with baked green beans and broccoli. We had a little salt in this meal, and man, it made a big difference! Nick cooked the salmon in a pan with olive oil and lemon pepper, and it was truly delectable. Adding this one to our regular meals, for sure.

I had a few snacks throughout the day – nothing major, and more because I almost felt I should, rather than because I was hungry, you know? I felt remarkably satisfied all day and right up to when I went to sleep. And my insides felt amazing. You know after you eat a big meal you feel that heavy, bloated feeling, you can tell you’ve eaten? None of that here. After I finished a meal I didn’t feel hungry, but there was none of that heavy ‘I’ve just eaten dinner’ feeling in my guts. Very nice.

So, apart from the mild headache and a little bit of lethargy, I felt good. I capped off the day with 1/2 hour of gentle yoga, then slept like the dead (a very unusual thing for me, I generally wake up multiple times a night).

P.S. I meant to do a photographed food journal… but the food looked so delicious I forgot to photograph it before I nommed. Sorry, will attempt to rectify this in coming days.

Day 2

The day started off well with a tasty combo of some left-over salmon, beans, and one egg.

Lunch was awesome – home-made burgers (just the meat part of course) and a humongous salad.

Still feeling good today – I didn’t feel any tiredness or anything else until the evening, when I got a mild headache. Of course, this could have been due to the insane amount of screen-time I logged, rather than any dietary-related thing.

Dinner was some tasty tasty chicken with broccoli and another huge salad.

The highlight of the day was this baby here:

Oh my gosh, how delicious is fresh coconut water? And soft coconut flesh? Om nom nom… obviously not something we’d have every day, due to the sugar content in the coconut water, but a weekly treat for sure. We got this from our local supermarket – benefit of living in the sub-tropics, I guess!

I also had a very small glass of red wine as there was a little left in a bottle from the weekend. Kinda wish I hadn’t, because later in the evening I had some stomach pains, which were either due to the wine or the coconut. Please let it have been the wine, because the coconut was insanely tasty!

Rounded out the day with some yoga and gentle strength training. Definitely feeling a bit weaker than normal, so I’m not pushing exercise this week – just going easy.

Day 3

Woke up feeling a bit headachy and faint – I think due to a combo of low blood sugar and possible deydration as my body goes into ketosis.

Felt fine after about an hour, and breakfast, which was some cold leftover chicken, with 1/2 an avocado and some homemade salsa.

Continued to feel good throughout the rest of the day. Still missing my sweet tea though!

Had a home-made burger (just the meat part) with a whole host of yummy things on the side for lunch… I wilted some spinach in the frying pan while I was cooking the burgers, and to that I added some lightly fried red onion rings and pine-nuts. Also had a good portion of fresh tomato and cucumber.

Dinner was awesome – we had 2 burger patties left, and had bought some massive mushrooms at the market on Sunday, so we decided to make Mushroom Burgers!

Two mushrooms, fried in the pan till soft-ish, with a burger, an egg, and a piece of bacon. With a side-salad, of course!

Just a note – don’t try to eat these the traditional burger way, it’s a little tricky!

Probably a bit too much frying going on today, but that’s not usual.

No exercise tonight, felt a bit knackered so it was off to bed!

Day 4

Again woke up feeling a little  headachy and faint – not as bad as yesterday, though. As per yesterday, I drank a huge glass of water first-thing, then had a cup of herbal tea, then breakfast – which was some scrambled eggs (from our own free-range chooks!) and a bit of ham.

I think I’m getting a little dehydrated because I’m not drinking my usual 5 or so cups of tea a day – so I made a concerted effort to increase my water intake today.

Felt good throughout the rest of the day – hurrah! Haven’t been very crave-y yet, thankfully, but I know it’ll probably happen soon.

Lunch was a bit of a revelation – it was JUST sliced-up raw cabbage and springwater tuna with some pepper (it’s supposed to have grated carrot, too, but I can’t stand grated carrot so I just had a whole one that I took a few bites out of during the meal). Who knew that raw cabbage was actually REALLY tasty – and sweet?! I always think of cabbage as this horrible bland gloopy stuff… after today I don’t think I’ll ever cook it again, it was quite the flavour/texture revelation!

Nick put together out dinner in the morning – it was our first time using the slow-cooker we’ve had for – oh – about 6 months now. Slack! But it was worth it… Super-delicious dish, with pork loin, zucchini, cauliflower and tomatoes.

Another recipe added to our future list of ‘yes’s’.

I also decided to make a treat this evening – I’ve been wanting to try out a coconut cream smoothie, and the result was amazing! Sooo good!

It actually came out almost like ice-cream, which was not my intention, but I was not complaining 😉

Here’s the recipe, which I threw together:

Jess’s CocoBerry Cream

  • approximately 1 frozen banana (we had a mix of ladyfinger and broken-up Cavendish bananas frozen, which is why I say *approximately 1* )
  • a handful of frozen blueberries
  • 6 small fresh strawberries
  • 2 generous dessert-spoons of Ayam Premium Coconut Cream (the 100% natural one)
  • around a cup of water – more or less to thicken or dilute

Chuck into your blender/food processor/Bamix and zip together till smooth. (Serves 2)

Quite a bit of natural fruit sugar in this, so it would be a once-or-twice a week treat – it was deliciously sweet and creamy. I absolutely LOVE the taste and texture of coconut cream. I will have no trouble using this into the future in my smoothies rather than a dairy base, the flavour was so much richer.

We made sure to have a stack of frozen berries in the freezer, and we just so happened to have a tub of frozen, home-grown bananas, too. Ahh, the joys of living in the sub-tropics!

I also had THE most interesting thing happen today. Not sure what the significance is, but I’ll keep my eye on it.

Since I was a very little girl, I’ve gotten red rash-like marks on my upper arms, combined with constantly rough/bumpy skin. It was so bad when I was little that I was taken to the doctor, who just said ‘who knows’? And my parents left it at that, as it didn’t seem to be causing me any further harm.

Fast-forward to today. When I took a shower, I was stunned to find that my upper arms were almost smooth, and when I looked in the mirror, sure enough – no blotchy or red skin! I’m wondering if it’s been the manifestation of a life-long food allergy/sensitivity? It sounds like such a small, silly thing, but I was blown away when I realised how smooth the skin on my arm was. It’s not perfect, so I’ll keep an eye on it to see if it goes away completely.

Aiming to do a little yoga tonight, too. (Edit – yeah, that didn’t happen.)

Day 5

Today I felt GREAT! Woke up feeling fine, and had nice even energy throughout the day.

Meals were a bit wonky for me today – we had a HUGE tasty scrambled-egg and salami-type concoction (don’t worry, it was salami from a local guy who makes it at home, so no nasty preservatives). I actually wasn’t really hungry for lunch, so I just had a little leftover tuna and cabbage salad.

The sun FINALLY came out after a week of rain, and so I went for my first run since starting this. Was a bit nervous about how it would go. I managed to run a total of 20 minutes (as 15 min and 5 min, with a walking break in there), which for me is not bad. (The furthest I’ve run for ages is 30 minutes.) In hindsight, I’d make myself eat more before a run next time. I think my basic lack-of-lunch contributed to my short run. I didn’t actually get out of breath – my muscles just felt unusually heavy and fatigued.

Definitely missed my ‘Friday Night Drinks’ – I’d usually treat myself to some vodka and tonic or a few glasses of wine.

Day 6

Breakfast is following similar lines today – so darn tasty, I could get used to this cooked breakfast… in bed… thing every day!

Still felt good today – went for a nice long walk in the afternoon because I was sick of sitting all afternoon cooped up in front of the computer – though we did do some housework in the morning, so that was a nice active start to the day.

I’m curious as to whether this diet is affecting allergies I’ve developed over the last 6 months – I am often sneezing and sniffling throughout the day, and there has been NONE of that this week. Of course, we did a huge ‘spring’ clean of our little house last Saturday, including changing/washing all linen etc, so that could also be playing a part – I guess only time will tell. I got a blood test the other week to check for cat and dust-mite allergy (since it seems to flare up more inside) so I’ll be curious as to what the results of that are. No matter what comes back, it seems that the extra-clean house and diet combo are working to keep my symptoms away, so I’m happy!

Starting to get a *little* crav-y today… I think being the weekend it’s always harder, as we’re used to being a bit more self-indulgent in the food stakes on the weekend. My dream food today was actually Milo – a hot cup of Milo on a cold winter’s night was always a favourite. Alas, both Milo itself and milk are banned!

Day 7

And we’ve almost reached the end of week 1, with NO cheating, hurrah! *pats self on back*

Nick seems to have been getting less severe headaches the last few days, but his headaches often come in waves, so honestly we won’t know if this is having any effect until the full 30 days are up. If it doesn’t work, we’re considering going on the proper salicylate elimination diet, because really, we’ve cut out any other food allergy/issue it could possibly be other than that. Though if that is the case, I think we’ll have to have split diets, because he’s going to need to eat at least some dairy so he gets enough calories on the restricted diet (and doesn’t go insane from dietary boredom) whereas I want to still avoid it – and not miss out on all the great fruits and veg that he won’t be able to eat.

So that will be *fun*. Here’s hoping it doesn’t come to that, because he’d have to stay on that diet for 6-8 weeks.

Huge shop again today – in-and-out of the Farmer’s Market like ninjas, then off to a big new butcher we discovered, and then a paltry (yay!) amount of stuff from the actual supermarket. We planned all of next week’s meals yesterday and had a list of everything we need.

I’ve found that planning ahead is REALLY vital to making this happen. That, and simply not having anything in the house that we’re not allowed to eat. That makes life a lot easier. If we’re hungry, we know that anything we find to eat is okay, rather than having to fight a battle with ourselves every time we go to the kitchen. I can’t imagine how hard this would be if you were in a household where you were either the only one doing this, or even just where other people who weren’t on the diet lived. I mean, we’ve got Mum and Dad’s just across the lawn, but it’s cold outside!!

The sheer volume of food we’ve gone through in a week is quite staggering – I guess that’s what happens when you eat a majority of vegetables – they just take up more space.

Went for our second bike ride this arvo (and remembered to measure it this time) was just under 10k and took 40 minutes. Some good hills on that route! I still feel a little bit more easily fatigued than usual, but I’m hoping that will taper off. Apart from that, felt great again all day – nice, even energy, no headaches or any other * withdrawal* type symptoms. I think it helps that we weren’t big sugar/grain/dairy eaters before this (well, I wasn’t) so we’re not coming down from the heights that some people might be experiencing. Though we did give up caffeine, too. I think we’re past the detox stage for that now.

Did indulge a little in extra fruit today, as well as a big serve of CocoBerry Cream, to help combat the cravings we’re both feeling, but hey, I think splurging on fruit is a little bit better than splurging on alcohol, chocolate, cheese etc!

Day 8

Okay, hands-down fave thing today? This AMAZING paleo Shepherd’s Pie that Nick made!

It was so incredibly tasty! He based it on this one from Fast Paleo, but modified it for us. We didn’t have any red wine or aminos (where the hell can you find coconut aminos in Australia, by the way?!?!) and used no dairy, just coconut.

Went for a run today – managed 25 minutes – just! Legs felt pretty wobbly after that, and quite sore once I’d cooled down (my left hammy and butt were sore today after my ride yesterday, for some reason, so that stayed).

Day 9

CRAVING tea! Sweet, milky, tea-y goodness, how I miss thee…

It’s been really chilly the last few days, so it’s not surprising that I’m really missing my fave hot drink. Normally during this weather I’d probably have a constant stream of tea going, but with this diet I just have one herbal tea first thing, and that’s usually it for the day – I just drink water.

However, on the bright side, it is really good to know I don’t *need* tea to function throughout the day any more. I don’t feel that lag of energy in the mid-afternoon and reach for the kettle. I think I still have a *teeny* bit of lingering fatigue occasionally, but it’s pretty rare.

Had meatza today for the first time! It was quite tasty. Though having Shepherd’s Pie for lunch and meatza for dinner was possibly a bit too much mince in one hit for me. Felt pretty heavy in my tum!

No exercise today, as my legs and butt are still pretty sore from the last 2 days, so giving my body a rest.

Oh, in other news, I have decided to ban myself from my kindle during the week. I usually end up reading a novel a night, and it just sucks so many hours of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I ADORE reading and it is my fave relaxing thing to do, but I am the sort of person who MUST FINISH A BOOK ONCE I START IT so I end up going to sleep way too late, and not doing anything else with my evening (like yoga, for example) ’cause I’m sucked into a book. Will see how this goes.

Nick update: no headaches for the last 2 days.

Day 10

Can’t complain, today was yet another great day energy-and-food-wise. Still no return of any adverse symptoms, so I’m going to call it and say they’re well and truly gone.

The only thing I still consistently feel is my tea craving, but that’s it! I’m really hoping that will pass. I’m sure it will be easier once it’s warmer (though I’ll probably be back to my one cup of tea of a morning by then).

Today I managed a 25 minute run, but it was HARD. Like, I had to whip out the mental mettle to keep myself going after only 10 minutes. Hoping this passes, because man, I’m signed up for a 10k in September, and the longest I can manage at the moment is just 3!!

We also tried Paleo pancakes for the first time, and I was really amazed at how similar the texture is to regular pancakes! I used this recipe – which is just banana, egg, and a little nut butter. Yep, that’s it!

Very interestingly – Nick did have a headache today – and today was the first day this week that we ate high-salicylate foods. Definitely worth keeping an eye on that.

P.S. How awesome is home-made guacamole?

Oh yeah. I could eat this with a spoon. But that would possibly be going a *little* too far, yes?

Day 11

Okay, so today was the first ‘out it public with free food and drinks’ challenge. I went along to the Etsy/Finders Keepers meet-up in the evening, but made sure to eat a carrot and some tasty guac beforehand, as I knew there was going to be food. Sure enough, plates of tasty-smelling things were circulating all night – but ALL of them had some sort of grain-product (bread, spring-rolls, crumbing etc) so, as expected, there was nothing I could eat. There were also free drinks, but I doubly protected myself against drinking by driving there 🙂

Surprisingly, I didn’t find it a challenge AT ALL to avoid eating and drinking! And this is from a girl who usually wolfs down anything that comes her way at a ‘do’. I had a glass of water, and that was that. Oh, I also had a great time, of course!

I also managed to find coconut flour, almond flour, and a lot of other awesome stuff at Flannerys (which is an AWESOME whole/health food chain here in SE Queensland). It’s a long drive to my closest one, but I stopped by on my way to visit Dad at the hospital.

Day 12

I feel slimmer. The scales support this fact.

Day 13

Tonight was the second ‘out it public with free food and drinks’ challenge – my cousin’s 40th birthday party.

Oh yeah, it was an 80s theme party, and this is what Nick and I looked like…

{Yes, that’s a real mo! – it is however gone now ;D}

I actually deliberately decided yesterday that I would have one vodka on the rocks at the party, and I did. However, it really did nothing for me (I don’t know whether that’s because I have a high threshold for alcohol or because my body is becoming way more efficient) so I just drank water for the rest of the night. There were free pizzas around all evening, but we stayed away from them.

If I did it again, I reckon I’d just steer clear of the alcohol all together. We still had an amazingly fun night – you know, I think that’s the first party I’ve been to as an adult where I didn’t drink! It’s educational to be reminded you don’t actually need alcohol to let loose and dance and have fun.

Both events this week showed me that to live this way full-time you really can’t expect to be fed at these sorts of events – you just have to be a little organised to make sure you’re not hungry, and it’s really no big deal! We had a late lunch of super-tasty lamb chops before we left, and some nuts and jerky to snack on in the car.

We had dinner when we got home – a really nice pork, pear and onion dish that had been in the slow-cooker for hours!

Day 14

Today’s challenge was ‘coffee’ with my mum. I sat there with my Rooibos while she hoed into a huge slice of red velvet cake and a vanilla cherrychino.

I was not tempted to have some of her cake.

I think I may be reaching the ‘I’m past cravings’ stage, but it’s too early to call it!

I’m still really looking forward to making some macarons with the almond flour I found on Thursday (yes!) but I’m in no rush.

Nick and I are both starting to look a little bit slimmer. He’s lost almost 5kg (?? damn him and his crazy metabolism) and I’ve lost around 2.5 – 3kg.

Two weeks down  – two to go!

Day 15

Okay, absolute best part of today? I went for a run this afternoon… and I’ve got my mojo back! I ran OVER 4km!! This is the same girl that could barely do 2.5k last week without wanting to die. This week I could have kept on running. Obviously my body has adjusted to the new diet. Awesome.

Day 16

Still going strong. Still loving eating this way. Still want a glass of wine. Soon!

Day 17

Stupid sore throat. Dosing myself with olive leaf extract (does anything taste fouler than that stuff??) and drinking lots of hot lemon-water to hopefully keep it at bay. I’m curious to see what effect being on this diet has on a cold. Usually I’d come down with the sniffles and they’d linger for at least 2 weeks, so only time will tell!

Also, sneaky weigh-in – I’m down to 73.6kg. I was 77.2kg when I started on Day 1. And I’ve not done any extra exercise on top of what I normally do. I should really do more, but I’m taking it easy till I see what happens with this sore throat.

Perhaps next month can be a #30daystofitness? ;D

Day 18

Starting to think about the 2 birthdays coming up in the next 2 weeks – my Mum’s next Tuesday, and Nick’s a week after that. I’ve hunted down some awesome flourless chocolate cake recipes – thank goodness I bought that almond flour last week, I’ll need it! Can’t wait to try my first paleo baking experiment. The recipe has no grains and no dairy, but does have sugar, so Nick and I will have to severely limit ourselves when it comes to Mum’s cake… but his cake will be happening after our 30 days are up, so I think we’ll indulge a little! He’s having a birthday party, so I’m keep to organise some paleo snacks and different food options.

I am VERY keen to continue this way of eating after the 30 days, and not let grains, dairy or sugar back into the house on any type of regular basis. We are very blessed to work from home – I think this whole thing would be way harder if you had to go out and contend with the world of coffee shops, donuts and staffrooms.

We’ve discussed the best way to integrate ‘treats’ back into our diet (I’m keen to have a few glasses of wine a week, as well as the ocassional treat of cheese… man I love cheese) without ruining it. The conclusion we’ve come to so far is to not bring anything into the house that we can be temped by. For example, if we want chocolate, we buy a single serve bar of it, rather than a block. Ditto for any other treat. That way you don’t have the ‘left-overs’ hanging around to tempt you. Jury’s still out on whether we’ll schedule treats or not… worried if we don’t we’ll slip back into bad habits. Would love to hear your perspective!

Oh, also, sore throat is hanging on, but doesn’t seem to have gotten worse yet.

Day 19

Had some friends over for the weekend. Cooked paleo for them, they enjoyed it!

I made (in retrospect) the mistake of having just one glass of red wine.

My cold was just sitting in the background – a sore throat and a little bit of sniffling, but an hour after I drank the wine, my head felt muzzy, like it was full of cotton wool, and my nose was running like crazy.

Will never drink wine again when I’m sick!

Day 20

Cold has turned me into a snot machine. Urgh. Had a lovely day socialising with our friends, chatting more about paleo. It’s interesting how much we’ve learnt over the last few weeks. I’m really turning into quite the convert to this way of eating, I feel so much better!

Went for a nice long gentle walk with my friend Mish, was good to get outside.

Day 21

Spent half the day in bed. Off to the doctor tomorrow!

Day 22

Got bronchitis. Hurrah! Still keeping up with the diet, though I’m REALLY missing lemsip and honey in my lemon water. Having to start antibiotics today. Are probiotics paleo? Hmmm… 😉

Day 23

Feeling a bit better today, started to plan my cake for tomorrow, can’t wait!

Day 24

Down to 72.8kg this morning. Lightest I’ve been in a long time! {Remember, I was 77.2kg when  I started 24 days ago.}

Alrighty! Mum’s birthday lunch was today, and I made an AWESOME flourless chocolate cake.

It was delicious! It was paleo apart from the sugar 🙂 If you want the recipe, head on over here, I blogged it.

Days 25-30

Really, there’s not much more to say than that by this stage, we’re not even thinking about this any more. It’s just the way we eat.


Well, after the 30 days were up, we pretty much kept eating the same way, with the addition of some alcohol and chocolate. And vegetable chips (crisps) from the shop. We really need to put more effort into making some ourselves that are actually good.

Going out is a little tricker, but you have to be realistic, occasionally you’ll have to bend the ‘rules’ a bit, and that’s okay.

As I write this we’re about a week and a half past the end of the 30 days, and we had a BIG blowout with Nick’s birthday weekend and a mate of his staying with us for a week and a half – mostly just drinking more than normal. My weight has plateaued at about 73 kg.

Today marks the start of another round of 30 days of strict paleo in order to continue dropping excess weight for me. Nick also found that while his headaches didn’t disappear, they significantly decreased in duration and intensity, so we’re hoping another 30 days can only help this improve. My goal for the next 30 days is get back under 70kg… and I have another #30DaystoChange project starting today, too… 30 Days of Movement.


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