So, you might have come across the Experiment posts on here and wonder ‘what’s up with that”?

Well, my Experiments are the melding of my geeky scientific background with my endless curiosity and desire to experiment with my life. It’s where the Experiment:Life tagline of this blog came from. I believe life is one Grand Experiment, and we should embrace it, enjoy it, and try everything we can to make it as awesome as possible.

I’m always tweaking aspects of my life – trying out new things, challenging myself to achieve – basically, split-testing my life to see what works and what doesn’t.

So, when I was contemplating the best way to share these things with the world, I hit on writing about them using – you guessed it! – the scientific method I had drilled into me in my 4 years of University. It’s such a clear and precise way to keep track of, measure, and contemplate my results.


So, when you come across an Experiment post, you’ll see it split into the following sections:

Aim (What I’m aiming to achieve)

Hypothesis (What I think will happen)

Materials (What I need to make it happen)

Method (The steps I need to take)

Lab Notes (Notes I make throughout my Experiment)

Results (The results of my Experiment)

Discussion (My thoughts and impressions about the Experiment)

Conclusion (What I’ve learnt)

References (Useful links/references I used throughout my Experiment)


Make sense? Groovy 🙂

If you have an idea or suggestion of an Experiment I should try, please leave it in the comments on this post!!


P.S. If you’ve come across my Challenges or Experiences, hang tight for explanations of those – coming soon!)