It really is a small world, after all...

Recently, I hurt my lower back moving furniture and carrying boxes during the clean-out of my grandmother’s house (she’s moved in with us and my parents).

I tend to hurt my back a few times a year (thanks for the awesome genes, mum and dad), but this time it felt particularly ouchie, so I went to visit my physio. Now, a bit of background – Kerry has been my physio (and my mum’s) for over 20 years, since I was a kid.

A little while back my mum asked me to make Kerry a necklace as a thank-you for going above and beyond to help mum out.

When I visited, we were chatting about what had been happening in our worlds, and she had quite a fabulous story for me!

A few days before, Kerry was wearing the necklace I had made her, and she was talking to her relatively new receptionist (whom I’ve never met), a young woman. Kerry told the receptionist my name, and that I’d made the necklace…

The receptionist, amazingly, recognised my name! (and nope, not just from the appointments book)

Apparently, she had come across my jewellery online, and ‘liked’ it on facebook. Her boyfriend saw that she’d liked my page, and ordered a set of earrings and a necklace from me as a gift for her!

This story spun me out – in a good way! It really illustrated the small-world idea… and the fact that obviously my brand is getting out there and being found via social media.

It also illustrated the importance of facebook to my business – who knows how many times a similar story has played out, and I had no idea?

And finally – how about that boyfriend, huh?? Good on you, mate!

{image by Seldom Scene Photography on flickr}

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