London Embroidery Pillow

Nick and I are heading over to the UK and France for 6 weeks, to visit the in-laws, other family and friends! I have to say, I’m mega-excited, because despite having been married to an Englishman for almost 2 years, I’ve never been over there before!

We’re going to visit lots of places – Nick is from Southampton, so we’ll be based there with my in-laws – but we have plans to visit Oxford, Falmouth (in Cornwall), London, Brighton – not to mention Paris and a few other spots in France!

So, I’m taking a break from this blog until we get back! I’ll still be blogging over on Epheriell Designs, though!

Both Epheriell and Vintette (all stores) will be closed as of June 10th, and will re-open on around August 4th (depending on how jet-lagged I feel!). So, if you want to buy someone (or yourself, of course!) a gift for a special occasion in that time, make sure to order quick-smart!

*bespoke* will still be selling during that time, though, I am roping in my trusty mum to keep the zines going out the door! Oh, and speaking of *bespoke* – in case you missed it –  Issue 3 is now available for pre-order – yay!

{image by vwbeetlemania on flickr}