Tweet-Tweet! ring


So, I’m going to assume that you use twitter… but how do you use it?

Do you only tweet when you’re online? Or do you use some sort of scheduling service to tweet at set times?

There are a few different schools of thought on this. There are those who believe tweeting should always be authentic and right-then-and-there. They feel that tweet-scheduling is, well, kinda icky. That it’s not a genuine way to interact on twitter.

There are those that think that genuine live-posting is definitely the way to go most of the time, but do schedule the occasional tweet. Usually for utility, or to ensure people still get an important message when they’re offline.

Then there are those who schedule tweets consistently – they see it as an integral part of their twitter usage.

Which camp do you fall in, and why?

I have to say, I’m in the middle camp. The vast majority of the time, my tweets are instant and spontaneous. I do have Epheriell Designs set up to auto-tweet my blog posts via feedburner, and I also have auto-posting set up between my Epheriell facebook page and twitter (however with this one I’m obviously putting the fb status up while I’m online, so I’m there to respond to anyone to gets back to me on twitter, too).

But I don’t often schedule tweets. Usually I will do so when I have something I particularly want to share with those in the opposite time-zone to me – so I’ll set up a few scheduled tweets to go out during my night. I like to – if I can – include a little acknowledgement in the tweet that it is scheduled – something like ‘while I sleep I thought you might like…’ or so-forth -  but due to the limited characters, this isn’t always possible.

Even then, I sometimes worry – what if these are the only tweets people ever see from me – I don’t want them to all be promotional! Therefore, my solution is that for every promotional tweet I schedule, I also schedule a useful tweet – i.e. a tweet to a helpful post on someone else’s blog, a lovely handmade goody I’ve found, and so on.

That way, I feel that I’m a) being genuine while b) getting my message out and c) being non-spammy. That is my goal, anyways.

Do you schedule tweets? Why/Why not? Do you even know how to schedule tweets? (If not just ask in the comments and I’ll be happy to tell you.)