Social Media Sites



Twitter. Facebook. Blogging.

Which one is your go-to social media platform? Which one lights you up, obsesses you… which one MUST YOU CHECK every moment you can?

For me, the number 1 choice is twitter. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty darn addicted to my blogging (and I love it to pieces) but twitter is my go-to place. It’s where I go to hang out, chat with friends, de-stress, share what’s happening, and be entertained!

Facebook is a distant third for me. I really enjoy my Business Pages (I have quite a few, for this blog, *bespoke*, Epheriell and Vintette) but I very rarely check my personal facebook wall – I might check my friend’s updates once a day or so, and I almost never update my own status! And, considering the change facebook recently made to the default setting on people’s profile, chances are that facebook will become less effective in future.

I think twitter has very much taken over facebook for me – as some clever soul says (this gets retweeted around regularly) ‘facebook is the place to connect to those you went to high-school with, twitter is where you hang out with the people you wished you went to high-school with‘ – or something to that effect.

Twitter is where I have found my Tribe, my People – those who share similar interests, similar attitudes, similar outlooks! I have made some very dear friends on twitter who are now friends in the off-line world, too. And, for someone like me who works from home and lives in the country, well, I don’t have many opportunities to meet new people!

I think what I love most about twitter is the instant nature of it. You can have an almost real-time conversation – something that is quite hard to achieve on the other two platforms.

Twitter has also been absolutely crucial to the success of my business endeavours. *bespoke* simply would not have happened without twitter, and the fabulous network of people I am a part of over there.

So, for me, twitter is definitely numero uno. You?